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MyREOOffice.com takes care of the details so you can focus on selling.

MyREOOffice.com is designed specifically for the REO office and speaks directly to you—REO broker, agent, and staff—with terms you work with every day. BPOs, MMRs, occupancy checks, city inspections, tasks, offers, HOAs, utilities, holdback forms, work orders . . . they’re all in here. Data entry is a breeze and worth your time. Any data you do enter is used over and over again to auto-populate many forms and reports. Use MyREOOffice.com and earn a reputation for excellence in the industry.


Unlimited log-in IDs. No set-up fees. No hidden costs.  

Features and Benefits
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Online Access
MyREOOffice.com is accessible from any Internet connection on any PC or Mac. Multiple users can access data at any time. Everybody is on the same page at the same time. No software or downloads required. You can be up and running within a matter of minutes. MyREOOffice.com works on most browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome.
Password Protected
You decide who can see what data and who can enter, edit, or delete data. It’s all password protected. Your database is your office, and you decide who gets to enter. 
Minimize Data Entry
When you first sign on to MyREOOffice.com, you'll spend a couple of minutes configuring settings so that you can work the way you want to work. After that, simply enter property information. Everytime you update a property's status (from Prelist Vacant to Listed REO, for instance), important information automatically populates fields in all related forms and reports. MyREOOffice.com only asks you to enter data it's going to use over and over again. 
Customizable Preset Task List 
Add an unlimited number of your own Preset Tasks for each Asset Category (i.e., REO, Short Sale, Traditional, etc.). You can also assign each task to a team member, indicate whether a task is billable, trigger the task by status level, and filter each task by bank. Generate a report of open tasks from Today's Focus. Here you'll see all open tasks grouped by task name. At the property level, view tasks by the date they were triggered. From the Settings - Preset Task page, view your tasks by Asset Category. Filter by"Assign to," Bank, Billable, and more.
Offers Tabs
Add and track all offers and closing details. Includes the ability to add counter offers and store back ups. Add an unlimited number of participants. E-mail one or all participants with the click of a button. Search all offers and track their status from Today's Focus Offers tab. Filter offers by type, status, financing, and more.
Messaging Center
Now you can quickly and easily keep a running list of phone messages, internal communication, and reminders. Attach each message or reminder to one of more properties, filter your messages by property, category, priority level, and more. Sort messages by any column. Easily add the contact into your Address Book and automatically notify recipient by e-mail only if you want to!
Track Showings, Leads, and More
Use the Messaging center to record showings and feedback and to track leads. It's easy to do!
HOA/Condo and Utilites Tabs
MyREOOffice.com includes separate tabs for HOA/Condo and Utilities. Add an unlimited number of associations, management companies, and utilities per property.
Track Property Details
Asset #s,  MLS #s, lock box #s . . . store  important property details. Keep tabs on property tasks. Copy and paste useful information from e-mails directly into the property's Notes page.
Contacts Management
Use the Address Book to store important contacts. Minimize data entry by calling up contact information when adding property information or taking messages. View contacts by category and description. Upload forms or other documents/photos for any contact. 
Upload Viewable Property Image
Upload an image from the property's Overview page, where you see a summary of all relevant data entered from various property tabs.
Store Short Sale, Traditional, BPO and Buyer Properties
Use MyREOOffice.com to store and track your non-REO properties as well. Simply select which category the property falls into and MyREOOffice.com shows you the appropriate fields for the selected property type.
Generate Work Orders 
Tired of having to remember which properties need mantenance? No problem. MyREOOffice.com automatically knows which properties need initial services, such as rekeys and trash-outs. (Note: The ability to create accurate work orders for Ongoing Services, such as lawn maintenance, will be available soon.) With the click of the mouse, generate accurate work orders you can export to Excel to fine tune. (Properties are grouped by location so you can quickly divvy up the list and distribute it to different crews serving different locations.) In seconds, you can communicate precise and accurate information. No more wrong addresses or confusion about location or jobs to be preformed. 
Fall Winterization List
Do you dread trying to figure out which properties need to be winterized in the fall? MyREOOffice.com creates an ongoing Winterization List. If you de-winterize a property, you can manually add another winterization to the property's task page. In September, simply press the print button and you've got your winterization list.
Flexible Format
We all know every bank operates differently. MyREOOffice.com lets you configure bank settings for initial maintenance and other tasks. Do it once and you'll never have to think about it again. If a bank changes its rules, you can simply change the settings.
Track Property Maintenance and Tasks
Every property has a unique set of needs. Quickly see which standard jobs and tasks have been completed for each property. And track a property's miscellaneous tasks, such as plumbing or board-ups. Know what has been done to every property and when it was done.
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Generate “Live” Reports
In MyREOOffice.com, all you information is “live.” As soon as a property changes from Vacant to Listed, for instance, you’ll see the domino effect. In addition, with the click of a button, you can generate pre-designed reports that give you information vital to successful daily operations. What city inspections need to be ordered (includes soon-to-expire city inspections)? What properties need to be rekeyed? What properties need occupancy checks? Don’t rack your brain. Just click the mouse.
Today’s Focus
Hit the day’s work head-on by visiting the Today’s Focus page. Today’s Focus is a shortcut menu to important work you’re ready to do now. View workload by job type instead of by individual property. Just select the task you’d like to start with, click the mouse, and attack the day’s work. When you're finished, return to Today's Focus to update the information. No need to open dozens of property pages to enter data.
Photo and Document Storage
Store important documents online for easy retrieval. Finish that BPO while vacationing. Have your assistant put the finishing touches on a holdback form that you’ve just reviewed from your home office.  Quickly find an old vendor invoice to help settle a billing issue.
Archive Properties Indefinately
After a property closes, you may still want to be able to view its information or refer to a document. Simply update the property's status level to Archived, and the property stays in the system for reference only.  Archiving is a free service. The property doesn't count toward the number of properties in your block(s). (see Pricing)
Export Your  Data at Anytime
Your data belongs to you and only you. You can export your data to Excel at any time. In Excel, you can save your data in a CSV (comma separated value) format. You can then import your data into accounting or other software that accepts CSV format.
Go Paperless!
Tired of copying and filing invoices? It’s all online now. Whether you’re required to use an online invoicing system or you’re submitting original invoices via the postal service, MyREOOffice.com saves you paper, time, money and ink. Scan invoices and other documents and upload to MyREOOffice.com for easy retrieval.
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