How We Can Help


Our role at is to serve you. Our hope is that the application will help you to

Stressed businessman
 1)      keep it simple
  2)      reduce unwanted stress
  3)      keep you and your team organized 
  4)      get the job done on time
  5)      earn a reputation for excellence 
         in the industry

Let us know what more we can do for you!
 1)      tell us what features or fields would 
       make your job easier 
 2)     ask us if you need help with your 
       initial data entry (we’ll do it for free)
 3)     ask us to set up a free training for your office




Our History

Working in a busy REO office, we wanted an online program that would meet all of our office management needs, integrating property tracking, document storage, work orders, and invoicing. We wanted minimal data entry and extreme user-friendliness. Manipulating fields in other online programs was getting old, so we decided to create our own online application. We combined twenty-five years worth of REO and project management experience, designed a database, and then partnered with some top-notch developers to create a state-of-the-art product.